About the Author

After soaking most of my waking mind in media ranging from 70’s anime to hard science fiction novels to modern blockbusters, I started dreaming of worlds to explore, and the characters to fill them. I watch as giant robots the size of Saturn V rockets, fly above the road while I drive. Mile long starcruisers do battle overhead in my skies. I constantly dream of stories about impossible futures set to my own soundtrack.

I also write for the love of it. That allows me to create my own universes without being distracted by what’s popular, edgy, or current within modern sci-fi. The Gundam universe debuted in 1979, almost 40 years ago. Super Dimension Fortress Macross recently saw its sixth iteration since 1982. To be honest, the real mecha genre isn’t popular for those who are not a certain age. Regardless, I create my futures inspired by such venerable predecessors because I need to. There isn’t enough room in my head for giant robots, let alone multiple universes; I have to express them somehow. Help share them by telling a friend. Thank you for taking the time visit my site. I hope it entertains you.

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