About the Author

I’ve loved mecha, in most forms and genres, since I was first exposed to them. Thanks to kids shows, table top and video games, books, and all kinds of models, I’ve curated a mental catalog of giant robots for decades. After soaking my waking mind in media ranging from 70’s anime to hard science fiction novels to modern blockbusters, I started dreaming of worlds to explore, and the characters to fill them. I watched as giant robots the size of Saturn V rockets, flew above the road I was on. Mile long starcruisers battled overhead in the skies of my youth. I constantly dreamed of stories about impossible futures set to my own soundtrack.

Today, I write, blog, create, and chat with others who have like-minded hobbies. Thank you for taking the time visit my site. I hope it entertains you.

-Jamison Dean Banks

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