Winchell Chung

Winchell Chung is a game designer, hard sci-fi resource, and venerable geek. He illustrated the cover for OGRE by Steve Jackson Games. Good curators are a sign post of sign posts, like an internet sherpa guiding one to sought-after information. For over 20 years, Winchell has curated information on star maps, spaceship design, equations, tables, calculators, software lists, future history, and many other science (and science fiction) resources.

Currently, he maintains Atomic Rockets, a hard science resource site for science fiction writers, gamers, and aficionados. Atomic Rocket’s vast resources range from rocket theory to future culture mythology. Winchell also has a Patreon to help out with maintaining the site. If you need to find the science on something, he can likely point you to it.

Winchell can be found on Twitter and the website.

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