Weekly Update, 07/27/2020

Last week saw some interesting updates in the mecha community (mouseover underlined names for Mechapedia links).

  • Rebelmini’s Motorpool Kickstarter was a success! Congratulations to Rebelminis and John Bear Ross! Motorpool consists of armor and infantry figures for tabletop gaming in 15mm and 28mm scale sold as printable .stl files.
  • Alex Connolly is working on the next Motorpool vehicle design.
  • Orbital Speed Studio pushed back Dual Gear‘s Steam release date to July 29th. Dual Gear is a forthcoming PC game inspired by Japanese console games, like the Front Mission series.
  • Sean Suchanya released a new sketch of the Siegfried, a mech for the game Eisenfront.
  • Ksen posted a new art piece, robot sketch 113.
  • Emerson Tung, lead concept artist for iD Software, uploaded 30+ Tankhead images to Artstation.
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