After much thought, I decided to startup Soul Magnum Publishing, my own imprint. Being an independent publisher has its rewards and pitfalls, of which I know many. There are also the lessons I’m unaware of, which I know not. I will walk through the fire with both. After all, that’s what life is about – new experiences.

This will be interesting in more ways than one. I’m writing part time, publishing part time, and working full time. Glad I don’t have much use for sleep! There’s also Bowker to talk to, editors to hire, and covers to create. Eventually, I’ll be talking to Amazon, et al and hopefully end up on a best seller list with more novels to come. Yes, that’s overly-optimistic, but shoot for the moon and end up in a star. Or something like that.

There won’t be much content here yet, at first. We’ll start with a blog and social media. But gradually, once I begin publishing my own work, the site will expand. Until then, I’ll post about life, giant robots blowing stuff up, speculative fiction I find interesting, science, and possibly interesting tidbits from you, the reader. Feel free to have a look around, just don’t fall into any wormholes or get paint on your shoes. After all, this is a work in progress, and it should be anything but boring!

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